• Q: Which payment method do you accept?

  • A: Click here for a list of supported Payment Methods. Payfast is our payment gateway.

  • Q: Can I cancel at any time?

  • A: You may cancel at any time in the billing section, and your account will be terminated immediately. No reimbursement of your subscription will occur.

  • Q: Are there any set-up fees?

  • A: No there are no set-up fees

  • Q: Do you store my data and code?

  • A: Your binaries are stored as build artifacts during the initial upload and final download.
    You are responsible to delete any artifacts you do not want on our servers.

  • Q: I have a technical problem?

  • A: Please refer to the documentation or ask the community on Github

  • Q: I have a data privacy problem?

  • A: Refer to the Privacy Policy, Please Contact us

  • Q: I have a billing or account problem?

  • A: Please Contact us