Everything you need to generate and scale your quality MVP fast and easy with microservices automation.

Why the automation of your MVP and Microservices?

Our development process experienced:

  • Inefficiency to maintain update and change microservices
  • Deadline struggles
  • Complexity threatened our success
  • Compromised products
  • Pressured staff

We used ICOS for four years to:

  • Shorten the development cycle with weeks
  • Experience less effort and complexity
  • Scale monolith code automatically into microservices
  • Reduce errors, skills and processes
  • Go-to-market faster
  • Achieve consistent quality
  • Improve employee morale
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We address concerns to:

  • Fit into current monolith coding habits
  • Integrate on existing tech/tools
  • No further training needed - docs provided
  • Automatic, quick and transparent setup
  • Testbed and Free trial