ICOS - Microservices Automation

You don't need to create your own microservices manually ICOS generates and deploys everything for you instantly.

ICOS (Internal Communications Orchestration Services)

  • Reweaves your monolith to containerized microservices
  • Deploys them to your Kubernetes Cluster
  • Uses virtually any architecture pattern
  • Has minimal latency
  • Automatically executes internal communication, segregation and orchestration between microservices
  • Writes machine code
The internal communication protocol that's generated binds the services by generating a custom binary protocol. You write a program in C# with different interfaces for every microservice, you mark them with a couple of attributes, and ICOS will automatically rebuild them into separate executables and microservices, all neatly dockerized up with a Kubernetes Spec file to deploy them.

Problems with Microservices:

  • It is time consuming to maintain and update microservices
  • A Large number of processes
  • High skills level required
  • Expensive resources
  • Prone to errors
  • Lack of uniformity

Automation results in:

  • Higher quality accuracy and services
  • Workflow improvement
  • Saves operational costs
  • Ensure consistency and efficiency
  • Reduce clutter, errors and messy tasks
  • Simplify layers of complexity
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