MVP - Minimal Viable Product automation

Go faster to market with your MVP using ICOS to automate processes.

It includes:

ICOS (Internal Communications Orchestration Services), a scaling framework that automizes the processes to build your website, APIs and microservices - one simplified solution for building a scalable MVP with practical benefits requiring fewer skills and time.
ICOS recompiles your monolith to containerized microservices and deploys them to your Kubernetes cluster. It automatically implements internal communications, segregation and orchestration between microservices for you in seconds. Use cases include:
  • Website
  • API
  • Automated Microservices Scaling

Doubts sorted out:

  • Compatible with existing tech
  • Quick and easy online integration
  • No extra setup costs
  • Re-usable and straightforward
  • No extra training needed
  • Operate in current coding culture

It Allows you to:

  • Streamline and standardize your development cycle
  • Meet deadlines and budget
  • Cut risks with fewer errors
  • Test/Pivot/Sell sooner
  • Simplify scaling for traffic
  • Constantly improve/iterate
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It saves you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort
  • Development
  • Resources