Everything you need to go faster to market with your scalable MVP.

Microservice automation with ICOS allows you to:

  • Shorten and standardize your development cycle
  • Reduce errors and complexity
  • Automate processes to build websites, APIs and microservices
  • Achieve consistent quality to test, pivot and sell sooner
  • Use fewer skills to compile and update microservices to scale
  • Meet deadlines and budgets

It Fits into:

  • Current monolith coding habits
  • It doesn't require additional training
  • Integrates online with existing technology and tools

ICOS (Internal Communications Orchestration Services)

  • Reweaves your monolith to containerized microservices
  • Deploys them to your Kubernetes Cluster
  • It can use virtually any architectural pattern
  • Has minimal latency
  • Automatically executes internal communication, segregation and orchestration between microservices
  • Writes machine code

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The internal communication protocol that's generated binds the services by generating a custom binary protocol. You write a program in C# with different interfaces for every microservice, you mark them with a couple of attributes, and ICOS will automatically rebuild them into separate executables and microservices, all neatly dockerized up with a Kubernetes Spec file to deploy them.