How does ICOS solve your challenges?

With a microservice makeover.
Zero to a live project with unlimited microservices deployed, configured and scaled in 10 minutes. Get rid of your failure points and complexity by transitioning to microservices with automation. ICOS (Internal Communication and Orchestration Services) takes your monolithic code and directly converts it into production-ready microservices. Critical in-between communication and orchestration are instantly created without building them manually.

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ICOS is the expertise that really matters where it should.

Benefits of microservices automation with ICOS.
  • ICOS eliminates the most intricate, time-consuming and error-prone parts of microservices, removing associated costs.
  • No upscaling of staff anymore, ICOS erases the steep learning curve.
  • The complexity of having many small moving parts totally disappears, removing a major obstacle in microservices.
  • Minimal intercommunication latency and overhead result in zero compromises on performance.

Empower your team
  • The struggle of cross-team collaboration and documentation disappears.
  • We simplify the development stack by auto-generating the boilerplate with bytecode and separate executables, preventing bugs caused by human error.
  • ICOS limits cascading failures and is fault tolerant to minimize your downtime.
  • The diminished workload creates a faster cycle time to meet your deadlines.

Why build microservices with ICOS:
  • It's worth it to avoid extra steps and unnecessary spending in creating microservices.
  • Future-proof your Startup to scale and grow optimally with agile enterprise-grade microservices.
  • Streamline your tedious labor intensive web development by modernizing in one go.
  • Prototype at scale.
  • Ultra-fast scalable MVP building, expediting your time to market.
  • Improve developer experience.

ICOS explained.

ICOS (Internal Communication and Orchestration Services) converts your monolithic program into containerized microservices with CI/CD pipeline integration on a Kubernetes cluster by installing a NuGet packet online.

Write a program in .Net core C# with different interfaces for every microservice, mark them with a couple of attributes and ICOS rebuilds them into separate executables all neatly dockerized up with a Kubernetes spec file to automatically deploy.

To summarize for you:

  • Increase developer productivity.
  • Beginners can now create state-of-the-art microservices.
  • Create any number of microservices with fewer resources.
  • Reduce operational complexity.
  • Simplify maintenance and manageability.
  • Myvar has the only fully automated microservices framework with auto-generated deployment making web services faster, lighter and easier.

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Allow us to address your concerns:

  • Use current monolithic coding habits.
  • Combines with most existing tools.
  • Seamless online integration and compatibility.
  • No additional training is needed.
  • It's free, and no setup costs are required.

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